Cosmetic Dentistry at Sunrise Dental

What's better than a great smile? Not much. It's a direct result of everything that makes us happy. If you are embarrassed and hide your smile, you're missing out on so much. We are in the business of rebuilding smiles. 

Are you ready for a new smile?

When you are unhappy with your smile, it may be difficult to smile. Cosmetic Dentistry can help transofrm your teeth and gums to make you appear younger, happier, healthier and even smarter. 

Restorative dentistry procedures may be necessary to accompany or precede certain cosmetic procedures. In certain cases, before a smile can be made whole again, dental implants, crowns or dental bridges may be necessary.

Dr. Sidhu and his team at Sunrise Dental Issaquah also specialize in preventative dental care. As one of our patients, this means you have the benefit of seeing an Issaquah dentist who will help identify and address any oral health problems before any aesthetic work is completed.

Cosmetic dentistry procedures need a healthy foundation to be effective. There's no point in making something beautiful that will ultimately fail due to problems underneath.

Feel more confident about your physical appearance with a new smile that is as beautiful as it is healthy. Chipped, missing, discolored, or crooked teeth don't have to be a stressful part of your life. Schedule your smile makeover today!

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