What Sets Us Apart

From our family to yours ...

Thank you for taking the time to read about Sunrise Dental of Issaquah. When Drs. Prabhjot and Aman Sidhu started this practice in 2012, they wanted to make sure they were doing it for all the right reasons. After both graduating from New York University Dental School, they had their entire careers ahead of them. It wasn’t long after working for other dentists with their own practices that they realized they could do things better.

That decision to set off and start their own practice would be one of the best decisions they’ve ever made, but it entailed a lot of questions and decisions that needed to be made. What would the practice stand for? Who would they cater to? In an already crowded market, why would people choose to trust them with their dental care?

Drs. Prabhjot and Aman Sidhu ultimately decided to model their practice after what they would want and expect for their own family. They are local, eastside residents and have two beautiful children who mean the world to them. There is nothing the doctors wouldn’t sacrifice for their well-being and happiness.

It was that thought that guided the rest of their shared vision for the practice. Sunrise Dental of Issaquah would always be a place where people of all income levels would have access to the best care in the industry. Financing should never be a reason to have to settle for lesser care.

To truly be able to offer the best care at the best prices, the Issaquah dentists knew they would have to find better ways to do things from the beginning. This meant maintaining an office staff that was more efficient than those at other practices. By investing in the very best technology money can buy for the practice, they’ve been able to cut staff times, make quicker and more accurate diagnosis and treatment plans, and pass the savings on to patients.

No question about it, our team is the reason for our success. They will greet you with a smile, put you at ease, make you laugh, and most important, provide you with the best care possible. Their enthusiasm is contagious.

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